Music Therapy, Expressive Therapy, and Wellness Sessions by top certified therapists are at the ready for you or your group.

Leave a mark only you can make. Whether it be a custom song, book, documentary, recording, or something far outside the box, our certified therapists and artistic team are here to help you get this important work done. 

Develop your musical self with a Starling Music Instructor, whether it be voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, or songwriting and production. We will best match your needs in a teacher, whether you prefer in-person sessions (in MA and NH) or via web.  Learn at your own pace and enjoy mastery with surprising ease when you learn what you love with specialized care. 

Create your own song, whether as a personalized gift or for a special occasion. Personalize your favorite songs with your lyrics and receive a studio quality digital or hard-copy  recording

LIVE PERFORMANCE BY GRACE RAPETTI (vocals, GUITAR) and by Band, Grace & The Ravens