Starling Music Therapy provides clinical, client-centered care by a team of top certified music therapists in the New England area. We are dedicated to providing equal-quality music and therapy so that our clients feel ceiling-less in reaching their goals. Depending on individual needs and acuity of illness, our clinical music goals are flexible. They are predicated on what will amplify wellness while addressing challenges. Emphasis is put on age-appropriate, personally-preferred songs that will most efficiently motivate growth.Therapeutic goals are developed to invite patients into the conversation- encouraging expression and enhancing a sense of empowerment. delicately yet effectively, Starling builds a sonic home for safe and successful  engagement.




















"Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program."


                                      -American music therapy association                                                                                                          

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Examples of Activities and Interventions:

​-Clinical Songwriting

-Clinical Music Lesson (including guitar, voice or ukulele)

-Therapeutic Singing

-Dance & Movement

-Musical Improvisation

-Lyric Analysis & Substitution

-Symbolic Social Interactions in Music

-Guided Imagery and Relaxation

-Music-Assisted Discussion

-'Name That Tune' Memory games


mindfulness Program 


Murmurations offers an optimum space for sacred time to honor the spirit within. We reconnect with the world and ourselves, guided by a starling expressive therapist, chaplain, or mindfulness instructor.  The program provides a wide range of meaningful activities that anchor one in a safe, comforting environment. Starling often utilizes guided imagery in music, mindfulness exercises, aromatherapy (for example, in skilled nursing facilities, familiar scents like Old Spice and Pond's cream, Lavender, etc). Creative artwork can also be involved with clay, paint, movement.  gardening and permaculture sessions are also available through the starling integrative team. we customize your wellness sessions based on what you desire for optimum integrative health.

What is music therapy, exactly? Here is a succinct, well-put explanation


Erin Seibert, MT-BC 

Expressive Therapy

Music Therapy:

Individual and Group Sessions