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THis is the Digital Home of Grace Rapetti, MT-BC. Here you will find info on music therapy services, Music Lessons, and Performances.

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Starling's Director, Ali Rapetti,

featured in a Rolling Stone Article  by

veteran critic, Will Hermes



“Tay -Sachs took my son’s voice. It took the fluidity of movement that would allow him to write. I often feel he is trapped in there, separated from the world. Music therapy at Starling affords him the means to reach beyond his illness and join in the conversation.” 


 -Mona Vogul



“A day that will never be forgotten is when a music therapist came into the room with her guitar to offer comfort.  I was unsure what this meant.  After all, I had never been exposed to hospice care before.  Apparently, the previous day, this music therapist came in and asked if there was particular music my dad enjoyed.  His wife suggested a song that she and my dad had danced to at their wedding less than two years prior. She learned the song and she was there the next day, while I was in the room.  At this point in time, my dad was quickly losing his sense of reality, and his awareness was declining fast.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to have another lucid moment with my father. The therapist, Ali, sang this song my dad requested.  Her voice was beautiful, and the effect on my father was priceless.  The fear seemed to fade from his face and a genuine smile took over.  After fighting back the tears, I had that lucid conversation with him that I did not think was possible at the time.  I had the opportunity to tell my dad I loved him and I knew he heard and understood everything I was saying. Even as a professional musician, I would never have believed that music executed at the right time would have such a positively compelling effect. I was impressed by how caring Grace truly was, even though we started off as pure strangers.  In one song, I felt like she was family....as did my father, and his wife. I realized that Ali has a powerful gift.  There are many people every day that have to go through the process of letting go of someone close.  And those final days can be extremely difficult to deal with.  Any comfort that can be awarded is taken with gratitude.  With her music therapy, Grace gave my father, his wife, and I a chance to be at peace.  I am thankful that I was there when she walked into the room that day.  But more importantly, I hope I am not the only one that benefits from the gift that Grace has.“

 -Michael Nightengale,                                        nightengalesound@abc.net

Starlings are A species of bird known for their strikingly diverse, vivid, and often iridescent plumage. They are characterized by their sturdy feet and strong and direct flight over open spaces. Starlings are gregarious in nature, exhibiting diverse and complex vocalizations. they have been known to embed sounds from their surroundings into their own calls, including music from the environment and even human speech patterns. Each individual bird has its own specific identifiable call. Starlings are currently the subject of research into the evolution of human language.

Murmurations are flocks of starlings. they are all-inclusive, welcoming other species of bird. murmurations are mesmerizing, pulsating,  creative formations that have been the marvel of scientists and beauty-seekers alike.






Like the Starling bird,

Starling Creative Arts celebrates both individuality and diversity while reveling in the artistic beauty of community.


Grace Rapetti is the founder and director of Starling Creative Arts. SHE actively practices music therapy, teaches music lessons, and performs around massachusetts and new hampshire.


 grace is a Graduate of the Berklee College of Music and is a seasoned singer, songwriter, and performer who has written and recorded with legendary artists. John Mayer, a personal mentor and co-writer, considers Ali’s writing “rare stuff." She has sung and shared stages with Willie Nelson, Carol King, Bobby McFerrin, The Eagles, Annie Lennox, and West African sensation, Angelique Kidjo.  Grace was featured as the US representative of the women’s international ensemble Women of the World. She sang on legendary stages of Carnegie Hall and the Blue Note in NYC. Grace toured nationally with the punk band Big D and the Kids Table, and throughout the world with an African Hi-Life band. She was featured in Rolling Stone and on NPR for her version of the Beck’s “Old Shanghai” .In June 2016,  Grace sang the national anthem at the Democratic Convention for Massachusetts. She is co-founder of the nationally recognized non-profit, Arts Education International, which creates arts programming for orphaned and abandoned children in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Trinidad. Her voice is recognized worldwide on Disney ringtones for T-mobile Japan, and you can find her both teaching and learning on subjects like songwriting and hospice music therapy on coursera.org, Berklee Online, and Writer’s Digest. Grace believes in the creative potential of each individual and encourages others to develop their inherent strengths and transform their vulnerabilities into creative confidence.


Why we are named after the starling BIrd